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Deborah's mission through Healing Path is facilitate optimal healing and wellness for people and animals by helping them access their innate healing potential.  Recognizing the interrelatedness of  health of humans, animals and the earth, Deborah feels priviledged to be able to offer these services to both animals and humans.  Working towards the well-being of both humans and animals is the ultimate culmination of her experience, dreams, caring and desire to help both people and their animal companions.  

Deborah brings over 30 years of health care experience to Healing Path.  She is a RN with her MBA.  This has allowed her many experiences in the health care industry that she incorporates into Healing Path.  She has studied with The Healing Touch Program, Komitor Healing Methods, Inc./Healing Touch for Animals® and the Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy.  She presently is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, one of the first Healing Touch for Animals® Certified Practitioners and a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.  Her other studies include self-healing techniques, energy integration, QiChong, HeartSight and vibrational medicine.


Deborah and Sydney

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