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Healing is the process of restoring oneself to a state of wholeness, balance and harmony.  In addition to just the physical level, healing also occurs on an emotional and/or spiritual level.  Healing Path is the holistic practice through which Deborah works  with  a human or animal to facilitate their healing.   A healing path is also the individual's journey to health and wellness.  Healing can be confused with cure, yet they are quite different.  A cure is the absence of symptoms.  Healing is the process of obtaining the state of wholeness and wellbeing.  The state of the body, mind and spirit being open and in balance.  Deborah uses complementary (or integrative) energy therapies to assist you on your journey of healing.  These complementary energy therapies can be used either in conjunction with traditional medical therapy or as stand alone treatments. Healing Path bridges holistic medicine with tradtional medicine, by working as a complement to traditional medicine, not a replacement.


You can achieve benefits from HEALING PATH if you or your animal are:

  • living with a chronic or acute illness or disease
  • experiencing chronic or acute pain    
  • experiencing chemotherapy or radiation
  • having surgery and want to promote your recovery
  • experiencing the effects of physical or emotional trauma
  • wanting to feel better, reduce your stress and promote your health and well being    
  • experiencing stress symptoms, restlessness, headaches, anxiety or difficulty sleeping
  • experiencing emotional issues such as depression, grief, anxiety, losses or end of life issues

Contact Deborah to:     

  • learn more about Healing Path and how you and/or your animals can benefit
  • ask questions about the process
  • schedule an appointment
  • obtain gift certificates for a session or essential oils
  • speak to your group about the benefits of essential oils, holistic care for your animals or energy work

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